Jeff's Lotus Elise

Hit And Run
Posted: Feb-20-2021


Road America 2018 Posted: Aug-27-2018
Autobahn Country Club 2017 Posted: Oct-09-2017
Lotus Corps Track Day 2016 Posted: May-16-2016
Stuck in Traffic Posted: Sep-16-2015
Lotus Corps Track Day 2015 Posted: May-19-2015
360 Posted: Sep-15-2014
Lotus vs Lamborghini Aventador Posted: July-14-2014
Lotus Corps Track Day 2014 Posted: May-19-2014
Illinois Children's Hospital Autocross at Mossville Posted: 10-26-2013
HRP Track Day 2013 Posted: Sep-7-2013
Lotus Corps Track Day 2013 Posted: May-22-2013
Illinois Children's Hospital Autocross Posted: Feb-23-2013
HRP Track Day 2012 Posted: Sep-29-2012
Lotus Corps Track Day 2012 Posted: May-21-2012

More Pictures

Winter Lotus Posted: Nov-12-2018
Pics From The Internet Posted: Nov-4-2018
Sway Bars Posted: Sep-15-2018
Road America Posted: Aug-26-2018
Corbeau Seats Posted: Aug-1-2016
Steering Rack Posted: Apr-25-2016
Pedal Covers Posted: Jan-31-2016
BFR Track Day Sep 2015 Posted: Sep-23-2015
Exhaust And Gauges Posted: Aug-4-2015
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ACS Car Show 2015 Posted: May-2-2015
Spring Cleaning Posted: May-1-2015
VF Supercharger And BOE Clam Hinge Posted: Jan-25-2015
BOE Catch Tank Posted: Dec-25-2014
Jeffs Supercar Saturday Sep 2014 Posted: Sep-7-2014
Cars And Coffee May 2014 Posted: May-3-2014
Bilstein Adjustable Coilovers Posted: Apr-9-2014
Trueleo Racing Side Skirts Posted: Nov-2-2013
Diffuser And Gut Sport Wing Install Posted: Oct-28-2013
Splitter Install Posted: Sep-21-2013
Exhaust And Intake Install Posted: Sep-11-2013
Lotus Corps Track Day 2013 Posted: Jun-1-2013
Thanks Rich Borgerson Posted: May-7-2013
Lotus Harness Install Posted: Jan-7-2013
HRP Track Day 2012 Posted: Oct-20-2012
Lotus Corps Track Day 2012 Posted: May-21-2012
Painting Interior Posted: Feb-27-2012
Sector 111 RTD Brace And G Pan Posted: Feb-24-2012
HRP Track Day Posted: Aug-4-2011
Supercar Saturday June 2011 Posted: Jun-4-2011
Lotus Corps Track Day 2011 Posted: May-16-2011
Lotus Track Prep Posted: May-14-2011
Lightweight Lotus Posted: Jan-19-2011
Stored For Winter Posted: Jan-5-2011
Engine Diagnostics Posted: Dec-16-2010
Lotus Elise Posted: Nov-6-2010

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