Dominic's Page Our crazy little boy!!
Zoe's Page Our beautiful daughter!!
Misc Pics Miscellaneous Pictures of stuff.
Our House Some Pics of our house.
Our POS Race Car Pics of our 24 hours of LeMons Car Build
Jeff's Fun Car Pics of my Lotus Elise
Jeff's New Daily Car Pics of my Audi TT RS
Jeff's Other Daily Car Pics of my Audi S4.
Rosie's Car Pics of Rosie's Lexus GX 470.
Old Pages Old pages that aren't maintained anymore.

This site is really just pics of our kids, pics of what Rosie has done to our house and pics of what I've done to my cars.

I don't really update this main page very often. The only parts that are constantly being maintained are Zoe and Dominic's pages. I don't think anybody ever reads this page anyway. People really shouldn't. It's ugly, boring and nobody cares. If you've stuck around reading this long, then wow! You may actually have a more boring life then me. Reading the entire page really didn't pay off for you now did it? I actually feel sorry for you at this point. If you want you can leave your suicide note in the guestbook above. But then again nobody will ever read that either. Anybody that does will probably be adding their own suicide note right after yours. Thank you for taking my amaturish site about my kids and turning it into a morbid page of death and sadness. I hope you're happy...but I guess the point is that you clearly aren't. You probably lead an empty existance and are slowly dying inside. That's the only thing that could possibly explain why you are still reading this. Why am I still typing this? What does that say about me? I guess I'm just as bored as you are.